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A man wearing a green bomb squad suit attempts to open a can of biscuits. A greeting card by Gary Vonderlinden.


Gary has designed and delivered hundreds of illustrations and cartoons over the last 30+ years.

Some works are published in journals or greeting cards, while others are personal. 

Some samples are provided in the links here that encompass logos, caricatures, special events, greetings and other topics. 

Gary Vonderlinden

About Me

Gary has been illustrating most of his life and has found many outlets for his work.  His medium is pen and ink, but he also works in color depending on the assignment.  Gary’s artistic influences include the MAD cartoonists Sergio Aragones, Al Jaffee and Antonio Prohias.  While in college he worked alongside a highly talented art staff during a 3 year stint at the USC Daily Trojan newspaper where he further honed his skills.  Gary has degrees in engineering and works in the aerospace industry where his work often takes a view of humans and animals interacting with technology.

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